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/*---- DXhead.h --------------------------------------------

decoder MPEG Layer III
handle Xing header

Copyright 1998 Xing Technology Corp.
/* A Xing header may be present in the ancillary
 * data field of the first frame of an mp3 bitstream
 * The Xing header (optionally) contains
 *      frames      total number of audio frames in the bitstream
 *      bytes       total number of bytes in the bitstream
 *      toc         table of contents
 * toc (table of contents) gives seek points
 * for random access
 * the ith entry determines the seek point for
 * i-percent duration
 * seek point in bytes = (toc[i]/256.0) * total_bitstream_bytes
 * e.g. half duration seek point = (toc[50]/256.0) * total_bitstream_bytes

#define FRAMES_FLAG     0x0001
#define BYTES_FLAG      0x0002
#define TOC_FLAG        0x0004
#define VBR_SCALE_FLAG  0x0008


/* structure to receive extracted header
 * toc may be NULL
typedef struct
      int h_id;         /* from MPEG header, 0=MPEG2, 1=MPEG1 */
      int samprate;           /* determined from MPEG header */
      int flags;        /* from Xing header data */
      int frames;       /* total bit stream frames from Xing header data */
      int bytes;        /* total bit stream bytes from Xing header data */
      int vbr_scale;          /* encoded vbr scale from Xing header data */
      unsigned char *toc;     /* pointer to unsigned char toc_buffer[100] */
      /* may be NULL if toc not desired */ 

int mpg123_get_xing_header(XHEADDATA * X, unsigned char *buf);

/* return 0=fail, 1=success
 * X   structure to receive header data (output)
 * buf bitstream input 

int mpg123_seek_point(unsigned char TOC[100], int file_bytes, float percent);

/* return seekpoint in bytes (may be at eof if percent=100.0)
 * TOC = table of contents from Xing header
 * file_bytes = number of bytes in mp3 file
 * percent = play time percentage of total playtime. May be
 * fractional (e.g. 87.245)

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